Our Sweet Apple!

Apple is a sweet girl looking for her forever family!

Ladies and Gentlemen… Most Popular Cat!

Remember those voting categories in school yearbooks? They had things like “Most Likely To Succeed,” “Most Beautiful Eyes,” and “Class Clown.” Well, we think that if we had those categories for our animals at the Center, we would definitely vote our sweet girl, Apple, as “Most Popular Cat!”

She certainly has the most friends in all the Center. I almost feel bad for the employee who works next to Apple’s kitty villa. They must hear constantly throughout the day, “Hi Apple!,” “Ooooooh, cuuuuuuuuute kitty!,” or “Who’s got her mousey???” (Or other nonsensical kitty-speak, it’s a proper language, you know. At least it is around here!)

Apple loves her kitty pillows! (Special thanks to volunteer photographer Audra Scully.)

Some kitty factoids about Apple:

  • Loves attention and engages with all her guests
  • Has great kitty-manners
  • Toy mouse fetish
  • Chases her tail! (It makes us all laugh)
  • People watching

And boy, she does make us laugh and smile. Apple has a winning personality and a flourish of comedienne in her.

As much as Ms. Popularity loves our attention and all of us ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ over her, we know she would be happy to miss us to find her forever family. Apple would love nothing more than to warm a family’s heart by making them smile. Won’t you come in to see her? Are you the person Apple has been waiting for?

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