A Cold and Treacherous Journey

When people think of puppies, oftentimes they think of cuddly and joyful animals that love to play and cuddle… That was not what our rescue partner saw when she first received this litter of puppies.

Millie, Morgan, Motto, Mary and Matt came from a cold and snowy part of Utah. Instead of being protected from the cold winter, they were dropped off from the back of a pick up truck, shivering in the truck bed that was filled with ice and snow. Blinded by the snow, the puppies had slid and tumbled in the back of the truck as they traveled to the shelter. Bruised, half-frozen, and shivering from the ice, they finally arrived somewhere where they could finally be safe.

Before departing, a question was asked of their owner regarding how many puppies he had. He responded flippantly, “I don’t know.”

We don’t know what kind of life Millie, Morgan, Motto, Mary and Matt had in Utah… but if their owner thought it appropriate to transport young and vulnerable puppies in the back of an open truck bed, packed with ice and snow, we know it was not acceptable and probably very dangerous.

When our rescue partner arrived with our litter, on March 23rd, they were already two and a half months of age. We loved them at first sight! We cared for their needs, gave them lots of TLC, and altered them to prepare them for their forever families. Within several days, Millie, Morgan, Motto, Mary and Matt were all adopted into their forever homes and will receive the love and safety they always deserved.







One response to “A Cold and Treacherous Journey

  1. I am happy for the pups, but it does make you wonder about the mom. One of our dogs we rescued out of the desert. Scared, hungry, skinny and very lost–not anymore. Now he is safe, secure, happy and loved. I think should have to qualify to have pets. Recently we rescued a very needy lab pup. Makes you wonder if people have a conscience. Good thing we have some responsible rescues out there.

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