We lost the House. Let them starve.

When their home was foreclosed, a Los Angeles-area family packed “almost” all of their belongings, but they left behind two precious packages….their dogs!  Still locked inside the home, they were discovered thirsty and starving two weeks later by a real estate agent.  Now “Stella” and “Stanley” will be available for adoption starting Friday at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

The dogs were dehydrated and weak.  An Animal Control officer who responded to the call from the real estate agent said that the dogs could hardly stand up.  The officer seemed pretty sure both dogs were going to die.

Los Angeles pet rescuerer Julie Joseph accepted the dogs from the L.A. County Animal Control then transferred them to the Center.  Julie told us that the legalities surrounding home foreclosure nearly cost Stella and Stanley their lives.   Because of these legalities, it was nearly two weeks before the agent could enter the house and at that point it was obvious that the dogs werein dire need of medical care.

Stella is a quiet dog that weighs 7.5 pounds.  Stanley is more social and tips the scale at 18 pounds.  the 1-year-old Dachshund-mix dogs will need lots of TLC.

For more information about Stanley and Stella or other pets in need of loving families visit Helen Woodward Animal Center at www.animalcenter.org

2 responses to “We lost the House. Let them starve.

  1. Luckily this story has a happy ending, but what is wrong with people?! Are charges being sought against the former owners?

    These two precious dogs have got the cutest faces and such an expectant look in their eyes. How could anyone walk away from that?

    Someone – a family member, a neighbor – had to know those dogs were left in the house. People need to look to their conscience and take action. A society that turns a blind eye to any kind of abuse has lost its soul.

    Thank you to everyone who helped save these dogs.

  2. I can’t believe that people would do such a thing… (sigh) Those poor sweet dogs! They don’t deserve to be left behind to starve to death! I’m so glad they were rescued! ♥

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