Jed:: Rescued from a shelter in Utah that shoots dogs….When they run out of bullets they are run over with trucks…

Jed, a 6-month-old puppy that escaped an inhumane death at a Utah animal control facility, is available for adoption at Helen Woodward Animal Center. Before arriving at the Center he was rescued from a, “shelter” that keeps orphaned pets 72 hours. After that time the pets are shot. If the shelter runs out of bullets animals are run-over by a truck and their bodies thrown in a sewage pit.

The mayor of the community that does this says it’s efficient and cost-effective. But neighbors say the pets are not always dead when they’re thrown in the pit.

An article on says that residents of Hinckley, Utah are speaking out on the city’s animal control policy. One resident says, “They had collars on them. They were people’s pets.”  She adds that some of the wounded crawl onto her property and die.

Jed is a sweet, healthy puppy in spite of his background.  He is a German Short-haired Pointer mix. Right now he’s around 40 pounds. He’ll grow up to be a medium-to-large dog with lots of energy.

Jed’s adoption fee is $195. Adoption fee includes microchip, up to date vaccines, medical and behavioral exams, and neuter surgery. All pets adopted from HWAC receive a complimentary one-night stay at Club Pet Boarding.

To meet Jed or any of the other orphaned dogs and cats in need of loving families visit Helen Woodward Animal Center at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, call 858-756-4117, or log on to


6 responses to “Jed:: Rescued from a shelter in Utah that shoots dogs….When they run out of bullets they are run over with trucks…

  1. Running over animals with trucks? Barbaric! Doesn’t the ASPCA have some jurisdiction over how animals are euthanaised?

    I am sickened that this kind of thing can happen in a “civilised” country. In Australia anything like that would be a gaol sentence and would be all over the news.

    I sincerely hope enough pressure is bought on this control facility to shut it down. permanently.

    • omg I so agree, there is SCUM at all levels, grrrrr is there a petition for this if so please post on facebook so we can get it signed and try to get this shit stopped NOW!!!!

  2. Jed became part of my family on Saturday. My other dog, Murphy and I love him. He’ll go swimming and surfing; live life to the fullest. Thank you, everyone for saving Jed.

    • Bless your heart for adopting Jed and thank Heaven he didn’t meet the fate of some of the other angels in that death camp he came from. I hope you and your family enjoy a very long lifetime of good health, happiness, and love with your newest addition, Jed. Have a wonderful 2012!!

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