Royal – From a Dumpster to a New Home

All cleaned up and as good as new….. Dumpsters are for trash. All kinds of trash. Garbage from your home, leaves from your yard, old items cleaned out from your closet. They are not for cats. But for some reason, the person who owned the black kitty felt that dumping her in the dumpster was something OK to do.

The people who found her were appalled. They heard her piercing cries first and found her vainly trying to scale the filthy metal sides of the dumpster. Her once beautiful coat was matted and covered with something sticky that left the fur in clumps. She was hungry and terrified. They had to coax her to them, the memory of her last owner may have made her leery of people. But they were patient and soon they had the kitty safely out of the dumpster and home. But then what to do?

They could not keep her. Luckily they ended up contacting a rescue in the area that transferred animals to us. Would the Center take her? Of course we would! We geared up for her arrival. The people who had found her had tried to clean her off, but she still had clumps of matted fur along her back and sides.

We wanted a good name for her and decided on Royal, which seemed to suit her personality and looks. She was petite, only 6 pounds and was slim and elegant. We combed out the rest of her mattes while she was under anesthesia to be spayed. Overall she was in surprisingly good condition considering the whole ordeal. Once she was all clean and fed and felt safe again, she showed her true personality. Royal was a talkative and outgoing little girl, often greeting clients when they came near her cage, as if to say, hey look at me! Her appetite was good and her fur became glossy and shiny. Her lively antics served her well because she was adopted in under a week.

We like to think of her in her new home, sunning herself in a window, curling up in her owner’s lap and enjoying a romp with her toy of choice. We hope she never thinks about the scary time spent in the dumpster.

One response to “Royal – From a Dumpster to a New Home

  1. I can’t believe someone put this beautiful kitty in the trash! That makes me so mad! Thank you for cleaning her up! Royal is a perfect name!

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