Little Chowder

“Did anyone leave a dog in a shopping cart?”

These are not exactly the words anyone wants to hear over a store loudspeaker.  But there it was-a dog abandoned in a shopping cart left in the parking lot.  The little tiny Chihuahua was not only orphaned but pregnant.  Luckily she was rescued by someone who could care for her and, eventually, her three small roly poly puppies.

All was well for awhile, but then the foster noticed that one of the puppies had something wrong with its mouth.  He could eat fine and kept up with his lively siblings, but as he grew, the deformity grew more pronounced.  Soon it became obvious that he would require surgery and extensive follow up care.

The rescuer, heartbroken, realized she could not provide that surgery and care.  The calls started going out.  Who could help this little 3 pound boy with the cleft lip?  When we heard about him, we immediately made arrangements for him, as well as his little family to come to the Center.

chowder      He was assessed by the medical staff and surgery was scheduled.  The veterinarian determined that there was an opening between the roof of the puppy’s mouth and the nasal passages so that had to be closed also.  The surgery was a success and unless you look closely, you can hardly tell that he has undergone such extensive reconstruction.

Chowder is now in foster, awaiting the removal of his sutures.  His mother has already been adopted and his siblings will be available soon.  To see him being a normal puppy, frisky and friendly is a real joy.  We will always remember little Chowder and be grateful that we were able to help him and his family.

***Update.  We are happy to report that Chowder found his forever home this past week****


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