Honey’s story

Traffic noise. Always traffic noise. Cars zooming by; the people in them always in a hurry. Never any time to see the valiant mother dog protecting and guarding her puppies just 20 feet away from the freeway. She was a good mother, walking on the freeway overpass to get to an area with restaurants where she could scavenge for her dinner. It was dangerous to leave the tiny babies alone, but she had no choice, if she did not eat, she would not have the milk to feed her children. We do not know how Honey ended up in the parking lot with her babies. Was she abandoned? Did she run away and get lost? Was she just ignored and wandered off? Whatever her early story, she now found herself and her family in danger, not only from the speeding cars, but also from roaming dogs and the ever present threat of finding food.

Honey though was seen one day making her daily trip and she was followed. The rescuer watched her from a distance so she wouldn’t spook the mother dog. When she saw the nest of squirmy babies, her heart sank. They were so young! But the rescuer was determined; she would help these little ones and their brave mother.

She quickly gathered up the puppies and put them in the car. But there was a problem. Honey had obviously not had good experiences with a car and was scared of coming too close. She hung back, crying. Finally, thank goodness her maternal love overcame her fear and she jumped in the car and laid her head on the rescuer’s shoulder as it to say “thank you.”

When we were asked if we would take the little family at the Center we immediately said yes. Arrangements were made to transfer them to us. The rescuer felt that we could best provide the puppies with a good chance at happiness. At the last minute, she decided to keep Honey, as the grateful mom dog had bonded with the family and decided to make it her forever home.

So the puppies came to us. They were in great shape, having been fostered by the rescuer until they were old enough to eat on their own. They showed no signs of their difficult beginnings. Their sweet, loving personalities brought them lots of attention and they were all adopted within a few days of being altered. It was hard for us to think of them all alone, living by a freeway, no bedding and no shelter. We prefer to think of them as we know them-happy, healthy and full of love.


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