Missy’s story: Tied in a dumpster and left to die

In the nick of time…

Sometimes things happen for a reason.  Sometimes people and animals are in the right place at the right time to be able to connect.  We always wonder what would have happened if it had happened otherwise, but for these lucky ones, we are glad that it all worked out….

The garbage truck was making its rounds.  It always did the same route and there were not many surprises along the way.  This day however, there was a surprise.  It was Missy.  Tied in the dumpster.  The one year old black and tan Australian Shepherd blend dog looked up hopefully when the truck arrived.  Would these people help her?  Or would they be like her owners and leave her tied up with no food or water in the filthy dumpster.

The garbage men did help her.  They untied the filthy rope and put her in the front seat of the truck and took her to the local shelter where she could be cared for.  But the shelter was old and crowded with other dogs, the staff was busy and was often too rushed to see her slowly wagging tail, look into her deep brown eyes and tell her she was a wonderful dog that deserved a loving home.  She stayed there for over a month.  No one looked at her.  She became sadder and sadder.

But one day something wonderful happened.  She was transferred to a rescue group that was determined to find this wonderful sweet dog a home.  They brought her to Helen Woodward on the very next trip and told us her sad story.  We fell in love with her, this sweet and gentle dog who was looking for a family to love.  And the day after Christmas, Missy’s dream came true-the very day she was available for adoption she was chosen from among all the other dogs by a family who wanted to take her home, look into her deep brown eyes and tell her she was a wonderful dog that now had a loving home.

A few more days in the dumpster and she might have been too weak and sick from lack of food and water and exposure to the elements to recover.   A few more days in the first shelter may have seen her been in jeopardy due to space issues.  But Missy is now in her forever home and she and her new family have new memories to make.  We wish them many years of togetherness and are happy to have been able to be a part of Missy’s life along the way.


4 responses to “Missy’s story: Tied in a dumpster and left to die

  1. Unreal. This makes me sad just looking at the poor dog.

    It also makes me want one. Maybe ill pay a visit to the local waste receptacles to see if some other heinous person has disposed of an adorable dog.

  2. Just when you think you have heard it all, another story of heartlessness surfaces. Bless all the rescuers of these precious animals. Kudos, also, to the drivers of the waste truck for paying attention and doing the right thing.

  3. Missy is now Luna! Luna is a wonderful dog. She is really a great addition to our family and we are blessed to have her. She is full of energy and loves the children.

    She is so very, very smart. She literally understands everything I say and let’s us know what she needs (dog park…dog park…dog park!)


    Thanks again to HW Center!

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