Special Delivery: Saved from the hot desert road

Huddled together for warmth and comfort, the four tiny puppies waited in vain for rescue.   The thin walls of the cardboard box they were in did not provide much protection from the elements.

Box the puppies were found in

Box the puppies were found in

Every now and then a car rushed by and every time a small hope rose that it would be their mom coming back for them.  But the cars did not stop and the help did not come.

Desert road where puppies were found

Desert road where puppies were found

At only 6 weeks old, these puppies had been abandoned at the side of the road in a deserted area east of Los Angeles.  This road did not have steady traffic, and it was going towards 100 degrees in that area.  The situation could easily have proved fatal if one of the puppies had squirmed out of the box and wandered onto the road or been spotted by a hungry coyote or tangled with a rattlesnake.  It was so hot outside and they were thirsty.  They may not have survived through the day.

But these little ones were lucky.  Someone connected with one of the rescues we work with happened to see the box and investigate.  She was horrified at what she found and immediately put the puppies, box and all, into her car.  She was on her way to bring some animals to a rescuer and so she just added these four puppies to the mix.  That rescuer was on her way to the Center that afternoon.  She had no more cages in her car, so she just brought us the puppies right in that box.


We were surprised to get the four new additions but happily made room for them right away.  They checked out fine, although they were quite hungry.  Within a few days they were fostered out, two and two.  These two foster families were new to the program and were delighted to get their first puppies.  All went very smoothly, the foster families reported no problems and the puppies doubled in size while being cared for in a safe and loving home.

Puppy #1

Puppy #1

We will always remember these puppies and the lucky circumstances that sent them to us.  We are grateful that they were found before the heat took their lives.  We are grateful they had no ill effects from their abandonment.  They will soon be adopted and go to their forever homes.  How lucky we are to be a part of this every day!

Puppy #2

Puppy #2

2 responses to “Special Delivery: Saved from the hot desert road

  1. As much as it angers me how people could carelessly leave puppies out to die in the middle of nowhere like that, these stories also make me feel happy that there really are people in this world that do have a heart! How lucky are those puppies to have been found by these wonderful good samaritans!

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