Paging all shoppers….Catch that puppy!

They say that not all those that wander are lost.



But Cookie was really lost.  The young blonde Corgi blend dog had been out on the road awhile.  She was hungry and just wanted something to eat.  Unfortunately the grocery store manager did not appreciate her running into the store every time the automatic doors opened.  When she did this, a staff member would put her back outside, but she kept darting back in.  Finally, in exasperation, he called over the loudspeaker that it was the fourth time she had made it back inside and he wanted someone to call Animal Services.

A volunteer at a rescue group we partner with in northern California happened to be in the store at the time.  She knew the shelter where the puppy would go was overcrowded so she quickly said she would be responsible for the puppy.  Little Cookie was found in the bakery aisle greedily eyeing the treats there, hence her name.

She was taken to the rescue group and they contacted Animal Services and did the paperwork in order to be able to keep her.  They altered her and put her in a foster home.  She learned some manners and how to play with other dogs.

When she was ready to be made available, they arranged for her to be one of the dogs they sent to us.  We liked her immediately.  She was very sweet and liked to have her tummy rubbed.

Her winning personality made her very popular and she was adopted two days after she was made available!  She will no longer have to be hungry and search for food, turned away in her time of need.  We are so glad that we were able to help this little girl find her forever home.

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