Down to their last breath…

Raven and Rain are very lucky puppies.  They are in wonderful homes with caring families who intend to share a lifetime of happiness with them.  They have been vaccinated against disease, treated with flea control and microchipped.  While they were at the Center, they were loved and petted and fussed over.



But all this almost didn’t happen.  If it wasn’t for an alert person who saw the black plastic garbage bag moving, they probably would not have lasted the night.  Left next to a dumpster by a Safeway in a small Arizona town, the two pups had been put in a garbage bag that was tied and sealed, and then they were abandoned.

We will never know why their owner felt that deserting the two small helpless puppies was the right thing to do, but we are grateful to the person who found them and took them to the local shelter. From there they went to one of the many rescues with which we work.  Once they were old enough, they were transported here, ready to start their new lives.



We hope they do not remember the person who placed them in the bag and tied it shut and dropped it on the ground and walked away, heedless of their sad cries.  We hope they do not remember the frantic hours they spent trying to break out of their prison, breathing the stale air and growing ever more thirsty and hungry.   That is all behind them now.  Their future is bright and we wish them many happy years with their new families.


One response to “Down to their last breath…

  1. Best of luck for Raven and Rain and a warm thanks to that person who helped them. I have always believed that showing love and affection to the animals shows that we are a good human beings too. As a puppy trainer, I have trained many puppies that were abandoned in past. I have felt that these puppies love their owners even more.

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