Out of a gravel pit….and into a loving home



In far southeastern Louisiana, a young dog called a gravel pit home. She was about two years old and she and a few other dogs spent time roaming in the nearby woods and in the depressions created by the gravel and sand mining. The men who worked there would buy them food on occasion and leave it out for the pack of dogs. Mostly they had to fend for themselves, however. When it rained or snowed, they huddled under the sheds or under trees for shelter. It certainly did not seem like there would be a happy ending to this story.

One of the drivers who made regular trips to the pit befriended her and began to carry dog biscuits in his truck. On one of his trips, he found her hiding under one of the sheds, a dog bite wound badly injuring one of her front legs. He decided he could not leave her there in that condition and so he arranged for her to go to a nearby sanctuary.

On the day she left the gravel pit, Isabelle, named for a town close by, lay quietly on the truck floorboards, her head resting on the seat. She watched her rescuer’s every move and seemed to know that he was bringing her to safety.

The Center partners with this sanctuary and Isabelle was brought to us in March. She was quiet and sweet, but had developed a limp within a short time. After examination by the medical staff, it was determined that Isabelle had hip dysplasia and her left hip was worse than the right. Our veterinarian performed surgery on her left hip and she was sent to a foster home to recover.

During the time we had Isabelle, her personality had blossomed from a fairly timid dog, into a real charmer. And the best news came when she visited for her follow up appointment: the fostering was going so well that the foster family wished to adopt her themselves! So Isabelle will now have a family of her own and another dog to play with. A far cry from the pit, she will be inside a home, with heat and soft beds, being showered with love. That is a real happy ending.


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