Trapped and Suffering….Two Kittens Barely Survive



They were so hungry. The blanket in which they were wrapped was suffocating them. They struggled for a breath. What is that smell? The stench was terrible. It was very dark and scary. Their pathetic cries were not answered, where was their mother? Their cries were getting weaker as they lost strength and hope. It was cold and they were trapped, until a little blast of air came through the blanket! Was that some light?



Imagine going out to the alley behind your house to put your garbage in the trash can and upon opening it, finding a blanket stuffed inside. Inside the blanket, two tiny kittens. This was what happened to someone in the north San Diego area. The kittens were chilled and damp from being left in the garbage can and they were so young their eyes were not even open.

The kind woman recognized that they needed immediate attention.  She warmed them and started them on kitten formula.  She began searching for a place to bring them so they would be able to be adopted once they were old enough.  She was moving homes and as much as she loved the kittens, she knew they would be best served by a more stable family.  Many shelters and rescues were full, as usual in springtime.  She kept calling places and one day she called the Center.

When we scheduled the the two kittens to come in, we did not know their story.  We just knew that they were in need of a safe, caring place to live until they found their new home.  It was only when they arrived that the woman told us their sad story.  We treated them for a little eye infection, altered them, and put them up for adoption.

Seeing the two bright, active kittens, it is hard to believe that they almost did not make it.  If they had not been found, they would have died a sad and only death.  Vanilla and Wafer, as we call them, do not know that they are very lucky kittens.  We know, however, that the family who adopts these playful, happy babies will be lucky to have them.


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