An Inside Look…….

…At Our Adoptions Program.

The goal of the Adoptions program at Helen Woodward Animal Center is to save the lives of as many companion dogs and cats as possible and to move them into safe, loving homes. 


Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Adoptions program goes beyond the traditional shelter function of adopting out pets.  The Center is a destination shelter for cats and dogs whose time has run out and the majority of which are only days away from being euthanized.  Our adoption program continues to take 80% or our animals from other shelters which are overcrowded or cannot provide the staff and care needed by some animals, particularly kittens and puppies.  In 2008 we partnered with 15 different groups in California, Arizona, Utah, and Louisiana resulting in the transfer of 1,086 dogs and 537 cats.  

Here is a story about a special dog that reminds us how important our work is.




Frazier was a nine year old Wirehaired Fox Terrier mix who was transferred to the Center from shelter with a high euthanasia rate in Northern California.  When he arrived at the Center his teeth were badly decayed, requiring him to have extensive dental work done and he was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure.  He was put on medication to help with his heart failure and when he had stabilized he was placed for adoption and is currently doing great in his new home.


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