New Member of the HWAC Family….

Check him out here!


He was born February 11th 2009 in Ramona, CA.  Usually mother sheeps have twins, but in this case she had triplets!  He is a “hair sheep” meaning that he will be covered with hair instead of wool.  Fully grown, he should be around 150 pounds!

He is adorable, but the question remaining is….What’s-Iz-Name??????

That is where you come in.  We need your help to name our newest addition!  To help us choose a name, enter your ideas here.  Each entry requires a $10 donation to help us provide our programs for animals and people.

The names will be accepted until March 7, 2009 and then evaluated by an impartial judge and the three best names will be selected for a “vote-off.”

Thank ewe for your vote and donation!

(These great photos were taken by Craig Jones of Dogscapes.  Head on over and check out their blog as well!)


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