HWAC Alumni: An Update

One of our top priorities here at Helen Woodward Animal Center is to find loving adoptive homes for our orphaned animals.  There is no better feeling than knowing that an animal has found it’s forever home.

We are happy to announce that Glenda and Reba, two very special animals that were featured on this blog have recently been adopted.  Yay for Glenda and Reba!!

And then there is Sawyer…….You may have read about Sawyer’s story here and here.  Well, there is no stopping Sawyer now!  He has been out and about around San Diego with his human Dave!  Talk about a Dog’s Life!!





Sawyer is already planning on participating in Surf Dog this September.  Yay for Sawyer!  We hope to see you at Surf Dog as well-stay tuned for more info in the next few months!  We can’t wait to see what other adventures Sawyer has.

Did you adopt a dog from Helen Woodward Animal Center?  Do you want to share his/her story with us?  If so, let us know!

Thanks for reading!

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