120 Arrive. 3 Survive





While HelenWoodwardAnimalCenteris celebrating a 15% increase in the number of orphaned pets adopted in January 2009, tomorrow we will meet an animal welfare professional from Puerto Rico where a Humane Society shelter reports that only 3 of the 120 pets that arrive daily survive. Each day, the shelter personnel are forced to choose the 3 lucky pets that will be allowed to live, dogs like “Rudy” pictured above.

More than 35 animal welfare professionals from across the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico will arrive at Helen Woodward Animal Center on Wednesday to begin a 3-day Animal Center Education Services (ACES) workshop. Since the Center began this program we have hosted shelter and rescue workers from 20 countries worldwide.

Animal lovers from around the world are coming to San Diego tomorrow to learn, “The Business of Saving Lives.” To find out more about our ACES program, click here.


“We began offering ACES workshops as a way of sharing the success that we’ve experienced here,” says Helen Woodward Animal Center President Mike Arms . “Believe it or not, there are still animal care facilities right here in the United States that are euthanizing orphaned pets every day of the week, including holidays, simply because they have no space or because the animals have ‘run out of time’. Through ACES we ‘ re helping them to put an end to that.”

ACES students learn to increase adoptions and lower euthanasia. Members of Helen Woodward Animal Center ’s management team share tried-and-true techniques to help students improve their fundraising skills, education concepts, volunteer management, public relations, and marketing efforts.

Within weeks after they return to their home shelters ACES graduates report amazing results! They place more pets in lifelong homes, generate funds to carry on their programs, and expand their reach in their communities.

Interest in ACES workshops has come from as far away as Russia and New Zealand . In 2007 members of the ACES team traveled to Calgary , Alberta , Canada to present the world’s first, “Business of Saving Lives” conference for 250 animal welfare leaders from western Canada .

“There’s no charge to attend Animal Center Education Services,” says Arms. “We’ve assembled an outstanding management team here at Helen Woodward Animal Center . They do a great job for the Center, and now their knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm are spreading worldwide.”



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