Sawyer: A tour of San Diego and an Update

Last time I wrote, I shared with you my story of how I found myself at Helen Woodward Animal Center and eventually to my new family.  Things are going great for me!  I love my new family so much and I have already been on a number of adventures since being adopted one week ago.  A guy has to make up for lost time, right?

One of my first stops was to see Petco Park:


Here I am trying to get a glimpse of a baseball player or better yet a baseball.  Too bad it is off season and no one was around.  I am a huge fan of tennis balls and I am hoping to expand to baseballs!

Then it was on to the beach:


Here I am enjoying the gorgeous warm weather in January!  Aren’t I handsome!  What a great way to spend an afternoon in San Diego.

But I can’t just sit around forever.  It was time to take a walk:


The view was breathtaking and I am quite stunning myself!

What can I say, I feel like I am the luckiest boy ever!  I have a new home, food, excercise, but most importantly the best two legged friend a dog could have!  Thanks for giving me a great home!

Stay tuned for more of my adventures!

Lick Lick,


Do you have a dog?  What is his or her favorite place to go on adventures to?

2 responses to “Sawyer: A tour of San Diego and an Update

  1. I love Sawyer! He is such a special dog.

    My room mates have a dog they adopted from Helen Woodward and she LOVES car rides. It doesn’t matter the destination, she just can’t wait to have the wind in her face and to sniff the seaside air!

  2. Hi, I am Sawyer who is dog. I love San Diego. Thank you Helen Woodward Center for finding me a forever home where I am happy. I get to take walks all over town, go to concerts and visit a retirement home on a regular basis.

    Life is good. Sigh

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