Helen Woodward Animal Center loves their volunteers and adoptable dogs

Helen Woodward Animal Center offers many wonderful volunteer opportunities!  One of those is in the adoptions department helping to socialize and care for adoptable dogs and cats.  Marian Higdon and Valerie Viterbi have both been volunteering in adoptions for well over 5 years and love it!  Today they had fun with “Rudy”, a 4 year old Belgian Shepherd mix.  Rudy is a volunteer favorite, he is smart, handsome and has great leash manners… we call him our gentle giant at 84 lbs!

Marian Higdon and Valeri Viterbi hang out with Rudy!

Marian Higdon and Valeri Viterbi hang out with Rudy!

Linda Erlich has been a volunteer at Helen Woodward Animal Center for almost 3 years!  She works with both cats and dogs, her current  fave is “Tinker”, a one and a half year old Aussie mix.  Tinker is very affectionate and loving, he loves walks and his volunteers!

Linda Erlich and Tinker

Linda Erlich and Tinker

Dana Denson has 2 kitties at home, so she gets her dog fix (and exercise!) every Monday afternoon!  Dana is coming up on 7 years with Helen Woodward, it is hard to tell who are the lucky ones, the volunteers or the animals!?  It looks like everyone wins!

Dana Denson and Malena

Dana Denson and Malena

There are lots of organizations in every community where you can volunteer your time and heart, Helen Woodward Animal Center is just one of those places.  If you have the time, offer it!  And swing by Helen Woodward Animal Center to see Rudy, Tinker, Malena and the rest of their friends who are up for adoption!  Click here for information on adoptable dogs and volunteer opportunities at Helen Woodward.

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