Sawyer’s Story


Once upon a time, I was alone and scared.  My owners dropped me off at Helen Woodward Animal Center in August 2008 because they could not take care of me.  I was sad and I missed my home and my family.  I did not understand why one day I had a home and the next day I was an orphan living in a cage.  I retreated into my own little world, sleeping at the back of my kennel and never wagging my tail.

Then I started to work with Rob, the trainer at Helen Woodward Animal Center, and I learned to start trusting people.  I made many friends among Helen Woodward’s staff:  everyone knew my name and I started to smile and wag my tail.  Then one day in September a family came to get me.  They took me home with them and everything worked out for awhile but ultimately I did not fit into their family.  So I was returned.

I was sad to be back and everyone at Helen Woodward was sad that I was returned.  My daily interaction with my favorite friends there made the difference.  So many people loved me and I was very lucky, except for one thing-I did not have a family of my own.  Days passed and the Holidays came and went, and I spent all my time in my kennel.  When eager faces peared into my kennel to see me, I retreated.  I refused to get my hopes up that anyone would take me home with them.  Until…..

….one special day in January.  The right person came and looked into my kennel.  He said he knew immediately that I was the right dog for him.  He was right, I knew it too!  He asked to meet me and took me to the field to play fetch.  It was love at first sight for both of us.  Thanks to Helen Woodward, I have a new family that loves me and wants me to be part of their family!


P.S. I left a whole bunch of four-legged friends back at Helen Woodward Animal Center that are looking for their forever families-click here to see them!

~The End~


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