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Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays Pet Adoption

Most Heartwarming Story Contest

One Blue Buffalo Home 4 the Holidays Organization Will Win $500

Poato -  Happy DogSince the inception of Home 4 the Holidays in 1999, Helen Woodward Animal Center has enjoyed the privilege of giving out a special award for the most heartwarming animal adoption story during the adoption campaign. Receiving and reading these amazing success stories is always rewarding for us. They encapsulate why the campaign is worth all the hard work.

Now it’s your time for you, our friends, families, and animal welfare advocates, to select the story that most embodies what animal rescue and adoption is all about!  Our animal welfare partners work hard every day to enhance the lives of orphaned pets; witness the change they are making every single day.We are relying on you, dear friends, to help us make this decision:

Which organization should win this year’s prize for most heartwarming success story?

Partidge - Peek-a-boo CatWe have nine finalists, with ten stories, this year. Each story illustrates each animal’s unique journey; journeys that begin in abandonment, betrayal, or serious medical issues, and end in fulfillment, safety and most importantly, a loving home. The winning organization will be awarded $500! Our finalists are:

The Drainpipe Puppies, by Bedford County Humane Society, Pennsylvania

Zeus, by Hoke County Animal Shelter, North Carolina

Bullet, by Texas Best Choices Animal Rescue, Texas

Charles, by Humane Society of McCormick County, South Carolina

Red, by Caring-Learning-Connecting Rescue and Rehabilitation, Wyoming

Sir Goober Cat, by The Animal Shelter of Texas County, Missouri

Charity, by MEOW Foundation, Alberta, Canada

Turtle, by Caring-Learning-Connecting Rescue and Rehabilitation, Wyoming

Jamie, by Montgomery County Friends of the Shelter, Tennessee

Petey, by Converse Animal Shelter, Texas

Voting is now closed! Thank you for participating in this year’s Most Heartwarming Story Contest!

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8 responses to “Vote For the Most Heartwarming Adoption Story

  1. What a blessing to these animals to have a place with loving, caring people. My husband and I adopted a dog that had been left in a backyard to starve in the summertime about 6 years ago. A pitiful lab mix, she was scared of everything and had heartworms. Maddie is MY keeper now. Loving and loyal. Ican’t do without her!!!

  2. Loved the story about Red. So glad he has a good home. It never amazes me how mean some people can be, and also how kind others can be. God bless all of you who helped Red!

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